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The Gold Home Inspection


The Gold Home Inspection is the most popular and frequently asked for home inspection that we provide the investor. The gold home inspection meets and/or exceeds the highest home inspection standards of A.S.H.I. (American Society of Home Inspectors). The gold home inspection includes an onsite, easy to read, instant computer generated report; complete with a report overview for the realtor. The gold home inspection is House Check's complete, in-depth and comprehensive home observation system. We encourage and recommend your participation in this premium home inspection.

The Gold Home Inspection includes:

  • Soils and Structural Observations
  • Basements and Crawlspaces, Safety Hazards
  • Exterior Walls, Decks, Exterior Hose Bibs, Lot Drainage Analysis, Safety Hazards
  • Roof Coverings, Vents and Flashings, Skylights, Gutters and Chimneys, Safety Hazards
  • Attic Insulation and Venting, Safety Hazards
  • Main Electrical System and Related Components (Outlets, Switches, Smoke Detectors, CO Detectors), Safety Hazards
  • Garage Doors and Openers, Firewall, Concrete Floor Slab, Access Doors, Safety Hazards
  • Kitchen Appliances and Plumbing Fixtures, Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures, Safety Hazards
  • Water Heater, Water and Gas Supply Piping, Waste Piping, Safety Hazards
  • Heating/Cooling Systems and Related Components, Safety Hazards
  • Windows, Interior Doors, Lights and much, much more. A home inspection conducted by House Check provides valuable information on your investment!

The Silver Home Inspection


With the rise of foreclosed homes many of our patrons do not feel the need for the in-depth detail that the gold home inspection provides because lending institutions typically will not repair cosmetic items. The silver home inspection focuses on the major components of the home… the roof, the electrical system, the heating/cooling system, the plumbing system and the foundation system. This home inspection is also designed for newer homes and homes that are known to be structurally sound and in good overall condition. These observations come complete with a computer generated list of deficiencies.

The Silver Home Inspection includes:

The Structural System, Roof Coverings, Vents and Flashings, Skylights, Gutters and Chimneys, Main Electrical System and Related Components (outlets and lights), Safety Hazards, the Water Heater, the Water and Gas Supply Piping, Waste Piping, the Plumbing and Bathroom Fixtures, Heating and Cooling Systems, Exterior Hose Bibs, etc… These observations do not include exterior condition and paint, attic insulation, garage door operation, crawlspace observations, drainage analysis, windows and interior finishes, etc…).

Town Homes & Condos


The town home and condo home inspection is for our patrons who are leaving the Roof System and Exterior Component maintenance to a Home Owners Association (HOA) or similar organization. The town home and condo observations are the high quality of the full gold home inspection excluding the roof and all exterior items (except for exterior hose bibs and electrical outlets). The town home and condo home inspection is also complete with an onsite, easy to read, instant computer generated report.

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It is critical to have a home inspection by House Check, an ASHI certified home inspector.
Crawlspace / Foundation
This is the west wall of a home with a crawlspace. The foundation was undercut and then placed on 4x4 posts. The home owner did not get an inspection and trusted his real estate professional.
Raw Sewage
This is a crawlspace of a home after the renter called telling us of an odd odor the landlord said he could not smell.
This is an attic of an older home in the mountains. All the support rafters for the roof were rotted. It is always wise to have a home inspection conducted by an ASHI certified home inspector.
House Racked
This home was settling in the rear which caused the house to appear “racked”. It is imperative to have a home inspection!
Home Inspection Services in Colorado Springs
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NCCA Accreditation Certification

House Check, Inc. and ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) are proud to announce its NCCA (National Commission For Certifying Agencies) or ICE (Institute for Credentialing Excellence ) accredited certification program. NCCA accredited certification program is the gold standard of the home inspection profession. The gold certified home inspectors logo has been trademarked for use exclusively by ASHI certified home inspectors who have reached the highest level of competency within ASHI. The ability to use the ACI acronym after the ASHI certified home inspector’s name has been reserved for ASHI certified home inspectors who have reached the highest level of independently certified competence in performing the highest quality home inspections in the home inspection industry through a true and verifiable third-party accreditation. No other home inspection association can meet this level of exhaustive evaluation and testing. No other home inspection association has the ability to issue this level of mastery or certification. House Check is the Gold Standard for ASHI Certified Home Inspectors.


Thank you again for your expedient response to my inquiry regarding the home inspection for our property on Oro Blanco Drive. I had originally called to get an estimate and see how quickly the report could be written and delivered.

I can’t tell you how pleased I was to find out you could do the review the next morning and complete the report by the next afternoon. In a world, which puts everything on hold, it was a welcome relief to find someone who can cater to a clients needs. I am a Real Estate Broker by trade and was very impressed by your willingness to go the extra mile to make things work quickly, efficiently and in a professional manner.

Not only did the report get completed the next day but was both e-mailed and mailed via the US Postal service.
I will definitely recommend you to others who can use your services, as you have gone beyond the scope of a typical contractor.


Craig Berrett
Senior Vice President
Muselli Commercial Realtors
Santa Monica, CA

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