Why conduct a Home Inspection?

Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments of a lifetime. The sole purpose of a home inspection is to inform the purchaser of the conditions of the investment. The cost of the home inspection by far is the most frequently asked question but is the least important.

Homes have various price ranges, sizes and conditions which are important factors in choosing a home. The fees charged for home inspections depend largely on size, location, the individual home inspectors work practices, the home inspection report style and expenses of the home inspector, which vary widely.

House Check will supply the buyer with the confidence and knowledge to make a prudent determination on their investment in the home. We offer a no frills, no fluff, onsite, computer generated report. House Check does not sell three ring binders; we do not peddle home maintenance books nor are color photos contained in the report. Add-ons increase the fees home inspectors receive for home inspections, many times for items that are not required to make an informed investment. We offer a highly detailed informative home inspection report without the cost of the “bells and whistles” which are passed on to the investor. We will walk you through the entire home explaining deficiencies, noting home owner maintenance concerns and point out items of interest such as shut off valves. House Check provides a detailed report with pictures on the conditions of the home so the buyer can make a wise and informed decision. This is what the buyer’s investment in our home inspection receives: solid detailed information.

After finding the home of your choice, prior to having an appraisal, it is important to have the conditions of the investment evaluated, which may not be detectable at first sight by a customer walking through a home. These deficiencies can be identified in a home inspection. Costly repairs can be and often are concealed in attics, crawlspaces and basements which home buyers typically do not observe or evaluate. House Check will thoroughly evaluate your investment giving you confidence to make a sound choice, is that not the goal, information? The investment of $300 in a home inspection for a $200,000 investment in a home is a reasonable and prudent choice.

There is no licensing for Home Inspectors in Colorado. Under this condition anyone can claim the knowledge to inspect a home. To ensure the home inspector you choose is qualified, an ASHI inspector is the most respected and follows the highest standards in the home inspection industry. An ASHI home inspector completes extensive and detailed testing and reviews, yearly, with continuing education monthly. ASHI is accredited by an outside certification corporation, NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) or ICE (Institute for Credentialing Excellence) accredited certification program giving the customer a double layer of confidence. Always insist on an ASHI certified home inspection.

How much time is involved in a Home Inspection?

House Check utilizes a very exhaustive, well organized and in-depth system in conducting our observations of a home. Depending on the size of the home, the customer should set aside three (3) to four (4) hrs for the home inspection. We invite the customer, if possible, to accompany the home inspector during the home inspection as a way to gain first-hand knowledge of the condition of their investment.

What observations are conducted in a home inspection?

House Check will evaluate every aspect and component of the home you choose as an investment. We begins with the roof system then walks the customer around the property identifying deficiencies in the siding and paint, evaluating decks, pointing out shut off valves and suggesting exterior improvements. We will then evaluate the garage and associated systems, the garage door and electrical panel. We will walk the investor through the interior of the home inspecting the kitchen plumbing and appliances, the existing bathroom fixtures, windows, doors, outlets, switches, fireplaces and other interior components. Once we observe the attic, the attention is turned to the basement or crawlspace. In the basement/crawlspace sump pumps might exist, the structural components are evaluated, furnaces and water heaters are inspected for defects. We will thoroughly and exhaustively inspect every aspect of the home finishing up with a detailed computer generated report.

These are the major questions that we have encountered in conducting nearly 4000 home inspections in the Colorado Springs area. Many other home inspections questions may come up that are normally answered during the course of our observations. Our main goal is to answer all the investor’s questions by the end of every home inspection.

The investor should keep in mind that they are investing in information - not a pretty report.
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